We prepared a wide range of learning videos which covers many aspects of precision rifle shooting. Materials targeted for people with different level of experience so people who just started to get into precision rifle competitions will find answers for the most important questions and will be able to boost their level. Experienced shooters could get some useful tips that will raise their chances to win PRS matches and be more confident on the field. The most important argument about PAID vs FREE training is that you will receive 100% credible information proven on the field several years in the row. This will help you to save money/time on useless equipment and avoid bad shooting habits which will cause a lot of issues down the road.

Full Course Contents

  • Shooters Equipment
  • Shooters Fundamentals
  • Positional Shooting
  • Reloading Tips
  • Wind Reading
  • Moving Targets
Course Overview

Free Videos section

Use our free video section to access Youtube video channels. We’ve filmed a random videos from the PRS matches, useful tips and tricks and small viddeo lessons on selected issues. Go to Free Video Section. 

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Juan won 100 yards accuracy challenge by ACCU_SHOT
Juan won 100 yards accuracy challenge by ACCU_SHOT

“This tutorials gave me a great start and saved me a lot of money on useless equipment”

Juan – competition shooter

Alex Manita competing in precision rifle competitions.

“I finally can learn from real competitors rather than boring fundamental books”

Alex – long range shooter

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